Our creative range of washable, re-usable material face masks!

Triple layer as per WHO recommendations with the inner layer being a spun bond filter.

Wired on the nose part for a perfect fit (no fogging up of glasses...).

Excellent (Creative Costumes) quality... as always!


Quality spandex lycra skin suits in bright colours. Double zipper that is re-enforced to avoid breakage. Head part can be zipped open for a more comfortable wear.

See, breathe and party through your skin suit ... but don't drive with your mask on!

Cat Suits & Hot Pants/Ski Pants custom made with quality lycra and a perfect fit!



Back to vintage wear... we provide Great Gatsby style from head to toe!

Flapper dresses, Head Gear, Wigs, Hats, Braces, Bow Ties, Pearls, Gloves, Feathers, Furs, etc.....

Polka dots, Pink Ladies, T-Birds and all!

Marilyn and Elvis too...!

Bell bottoms, Hippies, Abba, Twiggy, Tie dye, etc...

Woodstock, Bob Marley, Disco Bling, Punks, Affro Style and Austen Powers too...!

Not only adults get to have fun but the kids too...

Most adult costumes available in child size and many items available to buy.

From English to Viking to Spanish to Indian...

American, German, Dutch, Scottish, Chinese, etc... and even Neverland too!

Lycra costumes, cat suits, hot pants and more...!

Let your imagination take flight and dress up as your favourite movie character...!

Jack Sparrow, Juliet, Fred Flintstone, Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, Red Riding Hood, Tinkerbelle, Teletubbies, Moulin Rouge, Mickey Mouse and many more.... take your pick!

Clowns, Obelix, Monks and Nuns, Animals, Sumo Wrestlers, etc...

Many accessories to make you smile!

Ladies and Lords, Princesses, Princes, Kings, Queens, Musketeers, Vikings, Monks and more...

Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, Pirates, Gladiators, Knights...etc!

Pirates of the Carribian, lady pirates, child pirates, etc...

Many pirate accessories too!

Halloween costumes, masks, hats, capes, etc...

Scary make-up, scars, fake blood, liquid latex, face paint, hair spray - create your own scary character!

Corsets, tutus, super heroe costumes, stockings, wigs, lashes, etc...

Beautiful ladies - create your own stunning sexy look!

Heehaa cowboy...!

Cowboys, Indians, Mexican and Spanish.

From head to toe - hats, sombreros, shirts, jackets, ponchos, saloon girls, chaps, guns & holsters, cowboy boots and more!

All that you need to create the perfect look - Hats, Boppers, Capes, Wings, Teeth, Specs, Noses and much more in store...!

Hundreds of hats, Many fun styles and colours, different countries and themes - we cater for most!

Fancy Masquerade Masks, Scary Monster Masks, Animal Masks, Super Heroe Masks, and many more...!

Cheap wigs, more expensive quality wigs, many styles - natural and fun colours!